Tuesday, August 16, 2011

RIP Coffee Grinder. You were loved.

I've been working on electrical the past two days.

I wish I could say that it was for some cool project, like putting can lights in the kitchen, or rewiring a new room, or SOMETHING... But alas, it all comes down to my coffee grinder.

My husband bought me my grinder for either my birthday or Mother's Day about 3 years ago. It's been absolutely perfect, and I'd quickly gotten to the point where I don't have to measure my coffee because I know how it's supposed to fill the grinder. But all this love (1 to 4 pots of coffee a day) had started to take it's toll on mr. grinder, and some of the wire casing was wearing off. Well, yesterday was awful day that mr. grinder exploded.

Ok, he didn't explode... But there were absolutely sparks!

Anyhow, this short-circuited my GFCI outlet, and I couldn't reset it. Initially I tried the basics... unplug everything from all of the protected plugs and try to reset, push the reset REALLY hard because those things are awful to push in, and reset the breaker at that outlet.

Nothing worked.

So I decided to take the plate cover off and investigate inside. There wasn't much that I could see from there, so I pulled the entire electrical box out to investigate.

That's where it got a li'l confusing..

I know absolutely nothing about wiring. Well, I can say that I know less than most about wiring, but I've got SOME knowledge. Apparently that wasn't enough, because I sat there looking at all the wires, wondering what the FLIP it all means.

Let's just say that my GFCI outlet's still not working.

I decided to move my amazing wiring skills onto the grinder (when the wire sparked, I jumped back like a crazy woman and completely tore off the plug from the grinder... please laugh at me).

I want to go step-by-step on what I did... but I won't waste your time... It just didn't work.

I would love to say that it's my wiring skills, but... those sparks caused a ton of internal damage and I have no idea where to start workin' with that.

So, I must mourn my grinder...

On a side note, none of those ugly brass hinges are in my kitchen anymore! I spent all of my free time yesterday changin' 'em out, so we've got fresh new shiny ones!

Have you lost any appliances lately? Or worked with wiring?


  1. My condolences go out to you ...... P.s. I wish I could have seen you getting scared. Lol

  2. I send my condolences as well, but hopefully you haven't bought a new grinder yet - you can use your blender! Just pulse a few times until the grounds are the right texture.

  3. Thanks, Rebecca! I have a food processor that's been working amazingly for now. However, oddly enough, my blender was recalled so I was just able to return it (even with having messed with the wires!) and they're gonna send me a replacement! It kicked BUTT!