Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's hard to wear you, hardware!

I'm currently working on getting a "House Tour" page set up on the blog, so try to keep an eye out for it! In the meantime, there've been a few little projects that i want to share.

The most exciting of which has to do with... where else, but the kitchen? (I've been focusing on that room for what feels like TOO long! But don't worry, we'll get a break!)

I got all of the hinges changed out, so I've been able to move onto the pulls!

Or... at least the first drawer...

What you SHOULD do when installing drawer hardware is to empty the drawer.

Especially if it looks like this..

But, if you know me, you know I'm not a do-things-right kinda girl..

At all..

I just pushed everything out of my way and dove right in! Removed the drawer face.

Played around with pull placement before being shoved aside by the expert.

Placed them a couple different ways before figuring that there should be more to my placement strategy than just eyeing it...

Like this? It looks cross-eyed...

My formula was to divide the width of the face in quarters, and put the center of the pulls a quarter of the way in from each side. Since I had 3" pulls (3" is the amount space between screw holes), I measured 1 1/2" fron the center in both directions and that was where I screwed my holes.

These pulls needed to be countersinked, so I used my countersink bit to dig in there...
See the "mess"? That's where I was SO THANKFUL that these pulls hide that!

Then I had to take a break, because these cheeks don't stay chubby on their own!

(like the mullet? it's always amplified after a nap!)

A few more "goes," and they're done!

Here's a tip for people changing their drawer hardware... If you have a removable face, you need longer screws than what's provided. You just do... Accept it.

One down, 5 drawers and 25 cabinets to go!!!!

Have you changed hardware lately? Did you know about the extra screw needs? What was for lunch? :-p


  1. The pulls look great, I ran into the same thing on mine, long screws.....but the mullet, Omg, that was the best thing here!

  2. I was installing some wine glass hanging rack, but the screws are too long and I have to get shorter ones lest they go right through into my cabinet shelf. I also wanted to screw in a hook to the bathroom door but the ones provided would go through! No good. I STILL have not gone to buy replacements.