Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Big Kid's Solar Oven

Hi Everyone! I have an extra-special guest here today! My eldest (lovingly referred to as "The Big Kid" on my blog) made her own solar oven and is here to tell you about it! Let me preface this with a little back story... She had asked me to make her a solar oven last week, and I tried to do it without researching how they work... Let's just say it wasn't my greatest project. So the Big Kid went and researched it, and made her own. Here she is to tell you all about it!


two boxes
black paper
plastic wrap
aluminum foil

Hi. My mom's making me do this so I can get some cookie dough. You need to start with two boxes. One needs to fit inside the other.

 Cut a hole in the smallest box

Now then you put black paper in the bottom of the smallest box. I used glue and scissors to cut because the black paper didn't fit in there.

I put the plastic wrap on the top of the smallest one with tape. Maybe glue I forgot.

Yeah I think it's glue. (Mom correction - it was actually tape)

The bottom of the biggest box has glue on it and then I put the smallest box in the middle.

And then I wrapped newspaper around it so it keeps it insulated.

Then I put aluminum foil on the top of the box with tape. Maybe glue, I forgot that one as well. (Mom correction - she used glue *and* tape. She glued the aluminum foil to the bottom of the lid, wrapped it around the sides, and taped the edges of the foil to the top of the lid)

That is the finished result. Now we're going to cook in it. Make cookies in it! Make pizza in it!


Isn't she charming? For the record, I went and fixed a couple punctuation errors. Otherwise, that was all her (proud momma moment!). 

I'd say that I should start a blog for her, but I had to bribe her with cookie dough to get her to agree to do this... So I guess I have to go make some cookie dough now..!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. She is just adorable and what an excellent written post and project! Love it! My kids would get a kick out of this project!