Friday, November 7, 2014

Welcome to November!

Hey everyone!

A week after Halloween, and I still have a giant spider on my roof and a toe pincher welcoming guests to my front door.

Halloween started early, and is slow to die in the Lady Goats household.

When I'd posted about working on Halloween back in August, I was still devastated by the loss of a tree in a courtyard area by my front door (still am, actually). The plan (that I was formulating in my head as I was helping chop down the fallen tree in the middle of heavy rain - yes, the tree was on my neighbor's house and I was thinking about my Halloween decorations) was to move the cemetery to the front of the house and to build a fence to hopefully deter any acts of vandalism (and, let's be honest, it looks really cool).

Like the Lady Goats tombstone? I participated in a Secret Reaper (like a Secret Santa, but Halloween themed) on and my Reaper was outstanding! She made that for me, and it's my favorite stone!!

The area by my front door was still completely neglected. I built the tripod that I showed you in August (oh! It's still on display, too!) and stood some skeletons there with witch hats and left it at that.

I was so unhappy with it that I apparently forgot to take pictures of it. This was taken a few days before Halloween (I liked the sky, so I went out before everything was finished to take pictures), so the second skeleton and witch hats weren't out yet, but that's about the extent of the Halloween-ness back there.

Another thing that I worked on for Halloween was an 8' PVC spider that got to live on my roof.

I won't bore you with tutorials on any of that until the end of Summer next year, and am sorry that I couldn't get anything out before Halloween, but a complete overhaul of my decorations took place and I was completely overwhelmed. Happy that it's over (and excited for next year!).

Now that things have calmed down, we get to enjoy fall.

Even if this is what Fall looks like in the desert.

How was your Halloween?! If you're over talking about that, how 'bout the weather? Are you stuck in the 80's, or is there snow? I wanna know!!!

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  1. Wooohooo!! This fantastic! Ummm your spider is sooo cool (even if I hate spiders, I can handle fake long as I know they are fake!) You are amazing and must be the best house in town to trick or treat at! Thank you for sharing I was so excited to see this post! I feel honored you posted for me, lol! :)