Friday, September 6, 2013

Getting Stoned


Calm down.. ;-)

Halloween projects are underway here, and my goal is to revamp my graveyard (vampires aren't planned).

The past few years, it's looked like this.

Which, admittedly, isn't awful. But the simple white crosses bearing the names of mythical creatures isn't exactly my cup of tea. I wasn't fond of them even when I made them, but they managed to stay. For three Halloweens.

That had to be remedied. So this year I'm doing grave stones.

I don't have a theme on stones like a lot of "home haunters" do, so I don't have a specific number of stones I want to finish before October. I think size-wise (gravestone and yard size), anywhere from 6-10 stones will work. I have four in the works right now.

The top right one is probably done. It was the first thing I threw together to use up some of the white, beady styrofoam that I had left over from... Something... (I have a terrible memory!)

After that came the best looking one so far.

It's made from the pink insulation foam from Home Depot (I may have had too much fun with my router on this one). Really proud of the paint job, too.

I just need to think of an epitaph to complete it.

And we have a basic obelisk (made from a Dollar Tree foam cooler and Dollar Tree foam board) and Zero's stone, from The Nightmare Before Christmas (I usually don't like cutesy or cheesy Halloween decorations, but I ADORE The Nightmare Before Christmas... so I had to!). Both have to be finished.

For me, Halloween's coming along nicely, so far!

How 'bout you? Are you thinking Halloween yet, or are you reconsidering reading my blog again for even suggesting it?


  1. Those are insane. September means Lady Goats time to me. I always love checking in on your Halloween projects! This is definitely a good way to learn some router skills.You made that huge one from pink foam? I would love to hear the whole painting process, looks amazing!

    1. Yay, I love Lady Goats time ;-)

      I somewhat followed the Painting Halloween Tombstones video here, but... loosely... because I suck at following directions. Haha! I can't recommend enough the last step, dry brushing white onto the stone.. It really finishes it and makes it look... like stone..

      And the foam is a lot easier to practice routing on than wood! It was awesome!!!! Just make sure you have your router set at a really low setting.

  2. check em out. We ordered the small hot cutter and have used it for LOTSA LOTSA stuff..not just pink insulation board.

    1. What else do you use it on? I saw someone recommend that on, but didn't wanna put $30 down for something only used for halloween decorations...

  3. This is great! We need to change up our Halloween decorations this year, since I basically tore off the front porch / spooky tunnel. I was planning the tombstone route, thinking of using wood, but these foam ones look great. I can't wait to see the finish.