Friday, November 2, 2012

The Hall

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Know what I realized after living in (and trying to decorate) my house?

I like hallways with doors at the end!

In the picture below, the hall on the far right leads to Baby Goats' and my bedrooms, the middle one leads to the hall bath, laundry/garage and the Big Kid's room (and, obviously, the left is the den).

To the right looks like this

(without the laser lines ;-))

There's a door on the right, a door on the left, and a too-tiny-to-do-anything-with-area at the end. There are 6 inches between the back of the wall and the opening to the master bath (3 1/2" to get to the door casing).

See, you didn't believe that there was too little space to do anything with, did you? It's been so hard to figure out what to do here.

This is where some DIY magic comes in. See that board on the floor in the picture above? I used that to gauge what size console table could fit without us bumping into it as we left our bedroom.

Then I built this narrow, 3 drawer dresser out of 1x8 scraps (so there are no plans, made do with what I had).

Painted it.

Hated it.

Painted it again. (x2)

I settled on Valspar's Hubble House Golden Maize. And it's perfect..

Does anyone know why there isn't more of a market for super narrow console tables? I'd think they'd be extremely handy for a lot of people! This one's only 7 1/4" deep and I'm thinking about making at LEAST one more. But could think of plenty more spaced it'd work..

When Emily from Cutting Edge Stencils contacted me, asking for a review/giveaway (check it out here), I knew immediately what part of my house could benefit from a wall stencil.  The added texture brings this little area to life, and the decor brings it from an ugly step-sister to a welcome part of our house-ily (house + family? Ok, YOU do it better!).

My favorite part is that the squares resemble the texture at the back of the plant ledge without being too matchy-matchy.

(crappy cell phone pic, sorry!)

So is there a dark, scary hallway in your home that could benefit from enlightenment? How did you deal with yours?!


  1. What a wonderful idea! Our home has the same hallway, bedroom on either side. This is going to look great. Thanks so much.
    P.S. Found you via Anna White

    1. Hey, thanks for comin' by! Apparently that darned "layout" is everywhere. At least this was a simple solution to decorate/add storage! You'll love it! :-)

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