Monday, August 20, 2012

Trip or Dip?

When we knocked down the wall between the dining room/living room, I was left with this 26'' wide wall opposite my bar. So far, there hasn't been any attempt at decorating it... 

One of my biggest concerns is that, if I hang art there, it has to "work" with the gallery photos on the wall behind the love seat. Naturally, I ran around the house trying to find something to give me a visual of what does or doesn't work.

Cue in some old canvases I had stashed away from when everyone was in their burgundy decorating phase.

(remember, we're close friends, and I don't clean for close friends ;-))

These are some 16x20 canvases that I painted burgundy, and let the then-two-year-old-big-kid take a paintbrush to two of them. I wasn't sure that I liked them going 3-high on the wall (probably because I've been so used to there not being anything there for so long!), so I took the top one down to see how it looked.

That.... didn't work.

As less invasive as it is to have the two, they just don't fill up the space well. I thought about moving the canvases right next to each other to create a solid 20x48, but then realized that I was putting too many tack marks into the wall, and decided against it (because we know laziness couldn't have been a factor).

So, the decision (for now) is that I'm going to have three 16x20 canvases up there. I'm leaning toward a triptych, so that it's less busy (as opposed to having three totally different things there, such as photos or individual paintings). What's left to decide is.... WHAT kind of triptych!!!???

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