Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Father's Day is Coming!

Quick! Run and hide!

Kidding, kidding... I haven't had a Father's Day attack me, yet!

I got a message on my Facebook page asking if I had any Father's Day gift ideas. Immediately, I thought, "Let's go to Pinterest!" but then I realized that she'd probably already checked Pinterest, and she wanted to know MY ideas.

Mr. Goats has had 5 Father's Days. I got him grilling related stuff for 2 of those (a gas tabletop grill, and then some grilling accessories), he got himself something electronic for another one (see why he got it himself? "Something electronic" from me probably wouldn't be ideal), and then photo gifts for the other two.

I am known to ALWAYS have my camera. Snapping pictures of everything, all the time. So I figured I'd put some to good use for Father's Day!

Two years ago, I got these blocks from Michael's, and ordered 7 - 4x6 photos from Walgreens. You have to have the pictures professionally printed for this because they have a protective coating (unlike when you just print them at home, where the colors can smear if you put Mod Podge on them). Then, I used an X-acto knife and sliced the picture into 9 one inch squares, and Mod Podged them onto the cubes.  This created a puzzle out of the photos!

Now, with any puzzle, you have to have a reference picture to figure out where the pieces go... You may have already realized that only 6 pictures would work for the cubes, so here's the 7th...

I got this idea online years ago, and I really wish I could tell you WHERE it's from, but I can't remember. I'm not sure if I came up with the "{dad - dy} is my friend, my hero, and my best teacher" or if I copied it. But this was the reference picture with all of the printed ones on the blocks and I mod-podged it onto a 4"x4" piece of balsa wood, and cut some slivers to "frame" it, and hold the blocks in place. This held up really well until Mr. Goats brought it home from work and left it on the workbench in the garage during the hottest months in the desert. Scroll up, and you can see some of the edges are starting to curl up.

The other thing is actually pictured above, too...

I made a Father's Day photo book!

We loved to read Quiero a Mi Papa Porque to the Big Kid alll the time, and it had things like, "I love my daddy because he is big and strong" and "I love my daddy because he takes naps with me" while these adorable animations of many different animals depicted the father and the babies doing whatever the page said. So I thought I'd take a twist on that, and make a book saying "Thanks to my Daddy". Because I didn't want the book to be about what Daddy does... but about what he's helped her to do!

Thanks to my Daddy.....

"I'm nice and clean."                           "I'm well fed."

"I have lot's of animal friends."                           "I can even pretend to become one myself"

"Thanks to my Daddy"                                         "I can walk"

"Sleep comes easily....."                                         "I'm not afraid to fly"

"Water doesn't scare me"                                        "Neither do slides"

"I can see really far"                                           "And I can hide"

"I know lots of sports/I know how to climb"                 "Thanks to my Daddy"

"I love to give kisses"

"Thanks to my Daddy...."

"I am who I am!"

"To the best Daddy - Happy Father's Day!"

"Thanks to my Daddy"

As you can tell from the pictures, they were just everyday snapshots. Nothing extraordinary. I intentionally chose some that would be kinda amusing, too, so it doesn't have to be this super cheesy emotional thing filled with exceptional photographs (The "I'm well fed" page has them both with stuffed mouths and the messy living room, eating ice cream out of the carton, messy haired kid picture. LOVE IT!).

Shutterfly has 20% off photobooks right now, too! So an 8x8 hardcover (like mine) is $15.99.

I can't share what I plan to do this Father's Day yet. Mostly because I have no frickin' clue.... but also because he's been reading my blog lately...

But tell me, what're some of the gifts YOU'VE come up with for Father's Day?


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