Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Build Me Up, Bookcase... cup...

So... it started with these....

I had mostly taken everything off before I snapped the photo, but these bookshelves were what were in the play room before I replaced them with these.

So yes, there were two of those old, sideways shelves that I got from Target for $16 each. They actually worked just fine, until we moved and the back of that one fell off. That one got moved to the garage, I nailed a board to the back to keep it upright and square, and threw gardening stuff, my leaf blower, and random junk that accumulates in garages on it. The other one got moved into my closet and overloaded with clothes, never to be seen again..

Or, so I thought.

Ya see, the master closet had no organizational system. Everything had to be hung up. And we don't have a dresser (I know, you're probably wondering why I haven't built one... but I have a huge list of things that need to be built, and there are so many more important things to do first). Needless to say, it was a mess.

So I took everything out, and tried to figure some way to organize.

The rod on the bottom left was never used, and that seemed to be a collecting place for extra blankets, so that seemed the ideal place to start. I tried to move the book shelf that was in my closet over, but it was about 2 inches taller than the built-in shelf.

So the shelf had to go!

I took the support brackets off and cut the caulk around the perimeter. Then wriggled the shelf loose! Same process with the boards that were underneath it and the trim on the bottom.

Then I shoved the bookshelves into place, and nailed them to the walls.

(yes, only one has a back... and I was too lazy to take the back off the other one)

I had the option to paint the shelves before I put 'em in, or after, and I chose to wait. I could paint the shelves while Baby Goats was sleeping, but I couldn't do all this banging/nailing during her nap... So I chose to use the time Mr. Goats was home to do all the loud stuff. It did make my job harder, though!

Anyhow, after those were put in, I had to cut the trim to fit the new openings, nailed and caulked it.

Almost done!

Man, this was quick!

Actually, it was! This whole process took a little over an hour, and I did my usual procrastinating.

I debated building shelves between the two bookcases, but decided against it. We do still want to have somewhere to shove stuff, and if we don't use that space, I can always put some in later. So, all that was left to do was paint! Well, after sanding the heck out of them... then priming... and having some issues with my original paint color (if you follow me on Facebook, you got to hear about my paint issues).

I can't tell you how difficult it was to get pictures inside this closet! The smallest lens I have is a 28mm, and that wasn't even small enough to cut it!

Anyhow, I painted all of the built-in shelving that was existing in the closet, too, and hope to eventually paint the walls. The blue I used may look familiar, it's the same beautiful color my dining room wall was. Gosh, that's sexy... LOVE this color!

Of course, you really can't tell in an underexposed picture with a flash :-p

But you get the point ;-)

So, the next time you see some unbelievably cheap bookcases, don't turn your nose up to them!

They may just end up saving your closet!


  1. Put a HAMPER in between the shelves! Great job as usual, Gina!

  2. Your shelves turned out great. Love the color. Um, why do you have Dr. Pepper in your closet? DP is da bomb.

    1. Ahahah... Oh.... totally didn't even think about that. I actually used the case to store some oversized battleship pieces that I made for Mr. Goats... No soda in the closet!

  3. i'm still procrastinating about the bar stools. $%^%#!

    1. Well, you DID just get home.... so I don't blame you!