Friday, March 2, 2012

Full/Mini Make-Over

After re-reading my Hall Bath REVEAL post, I saw that I only had one follower when it was posted... So most of you probably don't remember that ;-) For a quick refresher, my hall bathroom is a builder-grade nightmare. Mid-90's orange cabinets, an oddly shaped sink, and yes... I still have the original faucets.

This is as "before" a pic as I got. But just imagine a LARGE builder-grade mirror over the entire part of that wall. Yum.

So I took a $50 gift card that I'd gotten for my birthday, and did a minor make-over..

I painted, changed the light fixture, and cut down the builder-grade mirror to fit into my newly built vanity mirror frame, and my second-ever I-came-up-with-it-myself plan, the medicine cabinet.

Now, the medicine cabinet wasn't BAD. It really wasn't! But after getting a few more builds under my belt, I realized that it's just not GREAT. And I've been wanting to spruce it up for a while. The other day, I even took my drill into the bathroom with every intention of rebuilding the cabinet... Until I opened it up, realized I'd have to re-house all that crap, and then actually DO it.

Um. Yeah... how often do I tell you guys how lazy I am?! Because it's true...

So, on the SAME DAY that I had gotten and lost my motivation, I got a comment on my Facebook page, asking about my medicine cabinet! What're the chances, right? So my response was something along the lines of, "I hate my medicine cabinet, but I want to redo it..." (see, I'm too lazy to even go see exactly what I said)... and so I emptied it out and got to work.

To start, I had to disassemble the whole piece. It wasn't square. And I had used wood filler in my pocket holes.

Surprisingly! This wasn't as big a deal as I thought it would be! I just took a screw, and screwed into the wood filler. That revealed the tops of the screws, so I could just unscrew them!

Then I rebuilt it (square, this time!), and grabbed some scrap 1x6 to add another shelf and the cubbies. End of day 1 looked like this

Actually, I lied. By this time, I'd had the drawers built from some OLD 1/2" MDF that'd been sitting on my back patio for over a year. They weren't pretty.

I tried to reuse every part of the original medicine cabinet, but the boards I'd chosen for the door were horrible! I wish I knew what I was thinking then, but they were all twisted and warped. I had to replace one of the boards on the door. I cut the mirror to size and traced around it, then used my Dremel Trio to route out the shape of the mirror.

Sanded and primed everything....

And got 'er painted and hung! (if you follow me on Facebook, you'll know it wasn't that simple! Oh, the magic of blogging!)

I finally got to use my DIY label holders, since I'll probably never get around to their intended use (and they're really easy to make, if I do!).

And I now have a fully made-over medicine cabinet, for a minor make-over to the whole bathroom

Now I just have to repaint the vanity mirror...

You can build this, too! Click here for plans!


  1. Came out real nice. But seriously, how many hairbrushes do you need?

    1. You're so a guy. :-p We probably could get rid of one of those, but the other 3 are necessary.

  2. totally, totally LOVE this! Beautiful work and some great photography, too-- thanks for the photoshop tips you gave me last week!

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