Monday, February 13, 2012

Unsponsored and lovin' it

You guys... I've been asked many, many times if I would think about having sponsors on my blog. And, while I LOVE the idea of some extra cash... I can't convince myself to add sponsors. I mean, you see some ads here and there, but I don't have to do an annoying post dedicated to them every month, and you can pretty much ignore them. There aren't any sponsored giveaways, there aren't any "I'm paid to write something about this" posts.. Because I hate when other bloggers do that!

If I never get any income based on this tiny little plot of blogland, I'll be more than fine with that!

So, if you're interested in funding this little lady, but request that I have giveaways and product reviews... I'm going to politely (or, maybe even not-so-politely) say "no, thank you". You can take your money elsewhere.

P.S. To enter my UNSPONSORED-I'm-doing-this-because-i-love-you-guys giveaway, go here :-)


  1. I really enjoy your blog, sponsor's or not! :)

    1. THANK YOU!!! :-) I'm glad you read this. i was more venting than anything. Some people are quite... pieces....

  2. Doin' this for all the right reasons!

  3. I have actually stopped reading blogs where it becomes all about the sponsors and less about why I was coming there to begin with! Good for you--love your blog!