Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Apartment-sized sand box

I finally got the sand box "in place" (that's quoted, because it doesn't have a set place yet... but it's put somewhere!), filled with sand, and photos!

The only problem is... I can't get the kid far enough away from it to take photos of it without her!

Here's how it all went down...

I opened the lid, and she jumped on the opportunity to go play (still in her pajamas... it was only 9am here... and that's still an acceptable time to be in your jammies, right?)

Then she got in and started kicking sand around...

She got out to get a toy, so I quickly closed the sand box, to try to get a photo of it.

That... didn't turn out well....


She got back in and gave me the lamest fake-smile EVER...

Ok, it still makes me annoyingly happy... but whatever.


I needed a modified version of the sandbox since the backyard is still being rid of it's rocks. There wasn't really a spot that I could put it in where it wouldn't be in the way at any point, so it needed to be transportable. To do that, I modified the plans that I'd drawn up to make a 2' x 2' sand box and lined it with a blue IKEA bag (the ones you can buy for like... 58 cents). Hopefully now, the kid can just go out back to play (instead of grunting that she wants to go to the park), so I can continue my lazy streak. Ahhhh... one can dream :-)

Anyhow, If you're in an apartment, and only have those teensy balconies (I was right there with ya not too long ago!), this is the perfect size for that!

Is it still warm enough for sand boxes where you live?


  1. You should probably install a roof over the sandbox as well. You don't want your little one get sun burned.
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  2. I agree with Carole. Adding a roof might be a good idea. Your daughter would really love it.
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  3. This sandbox can be taken to a place where a family can enjoy. It is a good idea to put a small roof as well to prevent your kid from getting sun burns when you decide to go to the beach or other places.

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