Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm sorry, it just slipped!

I have no motivation.

I start about 20 projects a week, and only finish about 2.

Then I start 20 more, and finish 2.

I've got who-knows-how-many unfinished ongoing projects right now, and I sincerely thought that a road block with this slipper chair would land it sitting in the unfinished ongoing pile. (Note: I still haven't decided what I'm going to do with the legs, so it's technically not FINISHED... But who knows when I'll actually get to that!)

Somehow, even WITH a road block, I was able to finish in not-too-long. My total investment for this slipper chair?


No, I'm not missing a zero. FIFTEEN DOLLARS! $9 for the lumber and Just under $6 for an extra cushion (that was my road block, in case you don't follow me on Facebook).

And it looks almost EXACTLY like the ones in my living room that I paid $150 for (except with different fabric, obviously).

Source: Target

Do you want to make one, too? You'll need to make a trip to Lowe's (it might cost you a little more, if you don't have any scraps layin' around). Maybe grab an old curtain that you don't want to hang anymore..?

I'll give you a quick tease to show you how easy it is..

And then send you over to my post on (i'd put the plans here, but this blog is just not formatted right for plans)


  1. You may start 20 but seriously finishing 2 is awesome! Good on ya! This chair is wonderful...just what I need so thank you so much for posting...hopefully I too will have a finished product! Aloha!

  2. This looks fabulous! And I do have a curtain laying around that needs a job.... :0)

  3. OMG! I can do this. What are the measurements of those front bottom legs? I want to make this ASAP!

  4. I love this, I was seriously considering buying 2 slipper chairs @ $150 each, I think I will wait til you get the plans posted, thanks

  5. Wow! Love it I'll have to keep this in mind!

  6. My husband has been wanting a chair and it has never entered our minds to make one!! Amazing:)

  7. Well please do! :-) I'm working on my second one, right now. They're so quickly built (it's the darned upholstering that takes me forever. I'm not a fabric-lover :-p)

  8. @* The Design Confidential I just came to check on a spam comment and saw that you removed your comment. WHAT DID YOU SAY!?!?!?! :-p