Friday, September 16, 2011

Blogging VS. Real Life

I'm still "new" to blogging (in the sense that I know that people are actually reading this, and that I need to make sense to them... people that I know, KNOW how I talk. They know my inflections, the insane amount of sarcasm I use, and that I make fun of you - in jest!). To be honest, I'm kinda struggling with this. I try to bring my whole, real self to my blog.. But I really don't want to offend anyone. I edit, re read and rephrase a lot of what I'm going to say. And parts of my blogging are making their way into REAL life.. So I'm coming up with some comparisons that I've noticed between blogging & real life.


BLOGGING: you have to punctuate                  REAL LIFE: no one notices run-on sentences
BLOGGING: bragging is expected                    REAL LIFE: bragging... is not so cool!
BLOGGING: you have to wait for feedback       REAL LIFE: feedback is immediate
BLOGGING: pictures                                      REAL LIFE: hand gestures (lots of them!)

If I were to type exactly how I speak.. there probably wouldn't be spaces between words (I think I talk fast), I would never use a period, my side tangents would finish more quickly, and I think I would make a lot more sense.  OOH! Which makes me think of another thing!

REAL LIFE: fumbling over yourself for words     BLOGGING: online. thesaurus. 

What else have you noticed between blogging and real life? Come on, let's compile a list. I KNOW there's more out there! 


  1. Blogging- I look forward to peoples comments, critiques, suggestions
    Real life- I could care less what people think of me, wish they would keep their comments to themselves, pretty much just talk to me.

    And I don't think you are sarcastic enough Gina. I feel you shouldn't hold your tounge for anyone on your own blog. Unless there are children present

  2. HA! I sure as hell HOPE there aren't children reading this. And I TOTALLY know what you mean... I don't care what people have to say either. It's like the people that read my blog know what I'm doing, so they can chime in. But if you don't get it, stay out of it!

  3. Like.^
    How come I don't get an email when you respond to my response? Do you get one from my site?

  4. @Gina (Lady Goats)

    This is a test. Let me know if anything happened. Respond back on your blog

  5. @Dennis D.Sorry - I still haven't read your second email. Is THIS sent to your email? :-)

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