Monday, September 5, 2011

10 month long project

I have a project that's taken me 10 months, and I'm still not finished.

Not because it's hard, or even time-consuming... but because I am at a complete loss as to how to handle it. Have you ever taken that long to figure out something simple?


It's just me, huh?

Ok, well I bought an OLD toolbox at goodwill.

Ignore the horrible picture. This was apparently right before I got my iPhone... and my other phone wasn't very good, apparently.

In this photo, I had turned all of the "drawers" around because I liked how it looked more.

The toolbox was priced at $9.99, but it was 50% off that day, so I got it for $4.50. I really like galvanized steel, but this was so old, dirty and stained that it wasn't pretty anymore.

I knew that I was going to paint it, but I needed to clean it off first.


Then I sanded the crap out of it and primed it.

Then a few thin, even coats of spray paint

If you want to know how old this thing is, check out what I found inside!

It has instructions on using the Atari paddle.

The instructions were written on a receipt, but I couldn't figure out what store it was from, or what the date was.

And here's the finished product!

It's been sitting like this for 10 months because I didn't know how to move on with it.

I was thinking that I wanted to stencil numbers on the drawers, but... I have a toddler... that likes to move things... and it would drive me NUTS if they were out of order!

(but it IS cute!)

Then I thought about drawer pulls, but that isn't really the look I would like to go for.

I was reminded of an apothecary cabinet with this... and I wanted to keep that feel, even though it was all metal. So I decided to go with label holders!

The cheapest I could find was about 30 cents each (with $10 shipping - not so great a deal!). They were brass and ugly, and it would have still cost more for the hardware than it did for the cabinet (especially since I would have to pay shipping and buy spray paint, no matter what).

But that's what I want.

So with ten months, an expensive idea, and little-to-no money to spend on this project, I'm at a stand-still.... still...


  1. What if you get some say 2"x3" Avery labels and make your own. You can paste an image of a label holder right on the sticker in Word. Then if you want you can hand print the contents or send them through the printer again and print it out. I've done this before using clip art and made my own Christmas gift tags!!!

  2. Thanks Laura, I'll try that! I've got some labels on-hand already!

  3. Drill two small holes & loop manila hang tags through the front. Make sure they are rigid enough so they wont crumple when you pull on them. Then when the contents of the drawers change you can easily change the tag without having to mess with scraping a label off. You can get round hang tags with metal around the outside that would be more sturdy. Or make you own hang tags!

  4. That's actually a pretty amazing idea! I *think* I've figured something out... But if that doesn't work, I may just try this! I could even go along with the chalkboard trend and create chalkboard labels... hmmmm...