Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pinterest Challenge, Summer Edition

I'm a little late in posting this, but... better late than never, non?

I'm SURE you've heard! There was a pinterest challenge over at Young House Love (and a few other amazing blogs ;-)), and I, of course, had to participate!

When I was reading about the challenge, I didn't have a Pinterest account. So I just went over, clicked to view all pins, and looked through them in hopes that something would tickle my fancy..

Let me just throw this other little fact out there... I was sick as a DOG!

Vomiting, upset stomach, clammy and shaky. Just overall NOT. GOOD!

So in my dreadful state, I was about to give up and restart later because I was overwhelmed with all the STUFF!

And then I saw it!

Challenge or not, I NEEDED this sign!

So I dragged my happy, sick li'l butt into the garage to see what supplies I had to make this from...

A few sheets of 1/4" plywood would do the trick!

I had one that was 33" wide by 11" tall, so I figured I could make each letter 6" wide. Then I got all high tech and zoomed in on the word until the letters were 6", put some printer paper up to the computer monitor, and TRACED!

Told ya. Only masterminds could come up with that!

Then I made sure my neighbor's weren't outside (because we talk to each other over our fence and I didn't want them to see my sick self out there in all my glory) and grabbed my jig saw. 

Transfered the word onto the board and cut it out!

(could that have gone unsaid?)


I get all giddy every time I see it!

SO! Does this NOT ROCK?! 

That's not gonna be it's permanent home... and probably not it's permanent color... But I need to finish my kitchen before I reveal it's intended "spot".


  1. I love it up there. Looks AWESOME!

  2. Haha. THANKS! I feel like a lot of my house is starting to look a little too.... serious... and that's the last thing I want! So this stupidly-simple sign brings a little of the "fun" that I want in! I'm keepin' an eye out for more signs like it that'll work with me (I say "howdy" and "y'all" all the time... but "y'all would be kinda random)...