Monday, December 13, 2010

Starting a project in DECEMBER?!

Can someone please tell me what I was thinking..?

December is notoriously the busies month of the year, so WHY did I decide to take the mirror in my main bathroom down?

Ha, ok, enough whining. It was kind of lame to go a few days without a mirror, but since I took the mirror down I have lost my virginity to drywall, electrical, mirror cutting and cabinetry. It's been an interesting week!

I haven't finished (still have to paint a wall and paint/hang the medicine cabinet I built)... but just to keep you interested!

New light fixture, green paint and that B-E-UTIFUL blue mirror frame I built (and cut the mirror for!).

Yes, that is my stud finder on the wall... If it ain't doin' no harm, there ain't no harm in leavin' it! ;-)

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