Friday, November 26, 2010

The Cheapskate

Let me start this blog by saying that everything I post will have been done in the cheapest way known to me. The issues do not lie with me. No. I LOVE spending money! I would live on potatoes, buy toilet paper that you could almost see through, and have my kids wear the same clothes 'til the seams ripped if it meant that I could buy whatever furniture/accessories I wanted... without noting price!


(there's always one of those, huh?)

My husband does not quite see it the same way. Probably a good thing, but it calls for some creativity and a lot of work. So... no manicures.

So if you see something done in an unorthodox manner... well... I probably tried pitching the idea to my husband, and he said no... So i had to wing it.

And with that....

I need to go buy wood glue.

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