Wednesday, April 25, 2018

New School Librarian Here!

My lovelies! This past year-and-a-half has been nuts. Baby Goats went to school, so I did, too! Got a certification, dived into Special Education, and then landed pretty much the best job at a school dedicated to creating Makers. I'm now the school librarian, and I get to set up my own Maker Space in our media center.

Do we know what this means?


This blog is my DIY space, and I haven't been doing much DIYing (unless you count sewing my own wardrobe because clothes are expensive!). That gets to change!! To get started, I'm drawing up plans for maker-oriented storage so that I can have a stylish Maker Space that is accessible and meaningful.

As of now, I'm thinking a lot of gears and circuits will be peppered into the design. And now, I don't think this is a bit much

Or this! (you may see something like this very soon)

 But it all has to be done in a way that will fit into this

I haven't taken my camera in to photograph my space, this is a screenshot from a video I took. But this is where my Maker Space will be!

I'm so thrilled. Thrilled to have the opportunity to create this learning environment in my own space, and thrilled that it aligns with who I am. Also, that I get to share it with you, of course!!



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