Saturday, April 28, 2018

Gear Hutch

As much as I would love to be showing you a finished project right now, I have been out of my library for a few days. You see, in Arizona (as with a few other states) public education is failing. Not for lack of trying from those involved, as our schools are filled with people who love what they do. It comes down to something as simple as lack of funding.


(if you aren't in the trenches with us, or haven't heard of it, a simple google search will let you know what I mean)

My district closed on Thursday, and I've not been in my library to get the measurements I would need to build appropriate hutches. We won't be back Monday, either, so I'm putting this out there so you can hold me to building it. :-) I already have step-by-step plans drawn up, but those may change depending on the measurements I'd need.

The plan is to build this, and then add hardware cloth or decorative sheet metal inside so that the contents aren't easily obtained (I'm not planning on making this indestructible, but do want to be able to close and lock it when I'm out of the room). Something like this.

As always, I'll share the process with you when I can!

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